neo:associate terms & conditions



Neoartists Studios CIC (neo:studios)


Neoartists is a not-for-profit organisation, run for the benefit of creative practitioners.



Proposals for solo exhibitions should be made to the Exhibition Committee. Proposal and guidance forms can be found on the Neoartists website Submission of a proposal does not guarantee an exhibition. The exhibition committee make decisions based on theme, space, production, presentation and exhibition cohesion.

In addition, Neoartists Management Group aims to hold at least four group exhibitions per annum. Prize-winner Members will be informed regarding forthcoming exhibitions and entry details at least six weeks before the required submission date. The Exhibition Committee also accepts proposals for themes and offers curating opportunities.

Exhibition sales are subject to 20% commission. This commission is used to fund website maintenance and exhibition expenses.

Each artist, by entering a proposal confirms that they hold all intellectual property rights in the work and that they agree to their work being reproduced in Neoartists promotional materials, the press, and other media.

Neoartists galleries are run on a voluntary basis. Prize-winners can, if they choose to do so, play an equal part in manning the gallery during opening hours of exhibitions.


As stated above, all sales made in Neoartists exhibitions are subject to a commission charge which is used to fund website and exhibition expenses.  However, if a prize-winner sells further work or receives a commission as a result of this initial introduction to the buyer, the prize winner is under no obligation to pay commission on these after-sales.  Commission in these circumstances is only payable at the prize-winner’s discretion.

WEBSITE (General)

Prize-winners will have a profile on the Neoartists website for a total of twelve months (non transferable) after which membership is renewable £10 per month. Terms & conditions apply. Neoartists Management Group is responsible for keeping the Neoartists website general content up to date.

Prize-winners are responsible for keeping the information on their personal webpage up to date by regularly reviewing their personal profile and images and submitting any required amendments to the Neoartists Management Group in accordance with the Neoartists criteria and website update procedures.

The criteria that have been set are the following: -

  • Creative practitioners who are driving their own creative practice
  • Creative practitioners who have a full artistic statement or biography which explains the theory behind their work, along with an exhibition C.V
  • Keeping members pages on the website up to date and professional.

Neoartists is a voluntary run organisation and will endeavour to upload images in the shortest possible time.


Neoartists Management Group is committed to maintaining good communications.  All non-verbal communication will be carried out electronically via email or via the Neoartists website. 

It is the prize-winners responsibility to check the website and email on a regular basis to ensure they keep up to date with the latest communications.


Prize-winners may terminate this agreement at any time by notifying Neoartists Management Group in writing.

If the criteria set by the Management Group are not met i.e. suitable images and artists statement on the website, the Management Group reserves the right to terminate this agreement by giving one months’ notice.


Neoartists accept that everyone has a right to their distinct identity and that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. Neoartists reserves the right to terminate contracts immediately in the event of any sexual or racial discrimination, or any type of abuse.