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“It is likely that the ‘inner world’ of our Western psychological experience originates in the loss of our ancestral reciprocity with the animate earth”

- David Abram, The Spell of the Sensuous, 1996

Atelier trained ‘National Open Art’ Artist, Alyson has a First Class BA (Hons) in Fine Art and a Master of Arts. Alyson studied Fine Art in Manchester, England and the ARC Atelier of Fine Art in Edinburgh, Scotland. Currently represented by a number of established contemporary Fine Art Galleries in England, including Saul Hay Fine Art in Manchester, Alyson’s work has been exhibited regionally, nationally and internationally. Notable venues include Manchester, London, Europe and New York.

Broad creative concerns embrace themes of human existence, our spiritual connection to the land, nature’s often magisterial indifference to the human endeavour, and society’s increasing disconnection with the natural world … despite our ultimate destiny … to once again become part of nature itself.

Alyson’s creative practice is based in both art historical and contemporary art theory, often fusing techniques. Graphite, Oils and Collodion are blended with the painterly techniques of the Old Masters in which Alyson has trained, with extensive glazing, impasto texturing and layering of colour. The creative process results in artworks which defy easy categorisation and are permeated with layers of meaning.

Alyson is proud to be a member of the ‘Artists and Alchemists’ movement, also working with the almost forgotten, ancient chemical techniques of early hand made photography pioneers, including the Wet Plate Collodion process. Through this historic process, Alyson explores metaphysical elements of landscapes which are somehow ‘other’. Resulting Artworks are dark,silent and nostalgic, reflecting the primitive mystery of landscapes which are slow to give up their secrets.

Recent Exhibitions

Current: ‘Line and Shade’, NAWA Gallery, Manhattan, New York City.
‘Technique’: Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester, England

2019 ‘Fragmentation(s): NEO Gallery, Manchester, England
2018 ‘Winter’: Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester, England
2018 ‘International Show’: NEO Artist Gallery, Manchester, England
2017 ‘Corduroy’: Studio 44, Stockholm, Sweden
2017 National Open Art International Exhibition, London, England
2017 ‘International Open’: Studio 44, Stockholm Sweden
2017 ‘Anniversary’ Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester, England
2017 ‘National Open’: PS Mirabel Gallery, Manchester, England
2017 ‘Material Matters’ Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester, England
2017 ‘National Open Exhibition’, NEO Artist Gallery, Manchester, England
2016 ‘Contemporary Art Open’, Warrington Museums, Cheshire, England
2016 ‘Summer Show’, Picture House Gallery, Lancashire, England
2015 ‘Warrington Museums Contemporary Open Exhibition’, England
2014 ‘Ghosts: Solo Exhibition’, Samlesbury Hall Galleries, Lancashire, England
2012 ‘Liverpool Biennial Independents Group Exhibition’, Liverpool, England
2012 ‘Riverside Gallery National Exhibition’, London, England
2012 ‘Flux, Flight, Flow: Orleans House Gallery International Exhibition’, London,
2012 ‘No Image Available’: Media City UK, Manchester, England
2012 ‘53 Degrees North National Exhibition’, York, England
2011 Lancashire Manchester & Merseyside Wildlife Trust: Impact Project

Permanent Collections

Saul Hay Gallery, Manchester
Samlesbury Hall, Preston, Lancashire


They Rest at Last Beneath Starry Skies (Starry Night)
They Rest at Last Beneath Starry Skies (Starry Night)


Still Life
Still Life