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My work is a celebration of the stitched line. I love to use machine and hand embroidery to create individual pieces.

With a strong interest in nature and urban landscape, and the patterns created by our interventions and manipulation of nature and man my inspiration often comes from visual encounters that I record by using photography. My work involves mixing media and blending tactile materials with paint, printing and making marks with the stitched line.

BA Hons (1st Class) Textile and Surface Design, Bolton University 2013
Chosen for the ‘Embroiderer’s Guild Graduate Showcase' 2013
Adult Education Teacher's Certificate

20th-23rd August 2015
NWAS Stand, Southport Flower Show

‘History Untold”
Salmesbury Hall, Group exhibition with Progressive Threads.
1st April, 2015 – 28th April, 2015

‘Designer Crafts at the Mall 2015 (25th Anniversary)
8th January, to 17th January 2015

‘Art We Use’ Dairy Barn Arts Centre, USA
20th June – 7th September 2014

‘Arbitrary Ground’ Gallery 22, The Market Place, Bolton (co-curator)
20th March – 20th April, 2014

‘Designer Crafts at the Mall 2014’ Mall Gallery, London with the Society of Designer Craftsmen
6th January – 19th January, 2014

‘Winter Salon’ Gallery 22, The Market Place, Bolton
5th January – 12th January 2014

‘20/20 Print Exchange Touring Exhibition
December 2013 – 2014

‘Embroiderer’s Guild Graduate Showcase ‘ Knit and Stitch Show, Harrogate
2lst – 24th November, 2013

‘Embroiderer’s Guild Graduate Showcase, Dublin
31st October – 3rd November, 2013

‘Embroiderer’s Guild Graduate Showcase ‘Knit and Stitch Show, Alexandra Palace, London
9th October – 12th October 2013

‘New Designers’ The Islington Design Centre, London.
June 2013

‘British Craft Trade Fair’ Harrogate
April 2012

Workshops & School Projects and Talks

Make Fest at Manchester Museum of Science and Industry Workshop
8th August 2015

Florence Ave., Allotments Workshop/Research
6th June 2015

Art Residency (One week project)
12th May 2015

Assembly Edgworth Primary School (Introduction Art Residency)
29th April 2015

The East Yorkshire Embroidery Society Talk “Machine Stitch on Paper”
11th April 2015

Fineyarns, Horwich Workshop “wirework”
29th Nov. 2014

Workshop from home “Stitching on Paper”
18th Nov. 2014

Workshop at home “Brusho Techniques”
24th Nov. 2014

Fineyarns, Horwich Workshop Painting and Stitching Techniques
19th July.2014

Nest II
Nest II

Hilbre Island
Hilbre Island



Quirky Telegraph Pole
Quirky Telegraph Pole