Oliver Duckworth

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Since watching Jurassic Park as a child I have been fascinated with the human achievement of being able to create absolutely anything that you have in your mind no matter what it is. With the visual developments shown in today's Hollywood blockbusters and technology in cinemas, to be immersed in the picture is an expectation that goes without saying.

As an artist myself, the most important part of my work is for it to have an impact on the viewer immediately as their eyes are upon it. This is helped with the size of the canvas being over six foot in any direction, a size I have worked with during my time as a student and as an established artist.

The narrative or concept of the work is ironically amplifying the ugliness of human behaviour and the psychological delusion of what lengths we go to, or have been, to land at the place we are now, or, expecting to get to.

Richard Patterson, James Rosenquist and Chuck Close have been an influence during my life as an artist with their methods in creating art and the scale they do it on. Velazquez, Rembrandt, Da Vinci are the foundations from which I stand on but recently my focus has been on tattoo artists such as Guy Aitchison, Ron Earheart, Carson Hill and Don MacDonald. Their progress over the past two decades with the biomechanical and bioorganic style of tattoo design is mesmerizing.

It has taken 30 years for me to get here but at last I have arrived. It hasn't been pretty getting here but each step has a contributing factor to my understanding of the world. I don't like to be small-minded as there is infinity of things to learn and take view from. Art is a major factor in my life; you could say it pokes its nose in at every turn during my day. Whether I am making a coffee, shopping for clothes or driving the car, everyday decisions seem to be processed through artistic tinted lenses. I can't switch it off so I might as well deal with it the best way I can and allow everyone to have a look from where I'm standing.