Sume Leyden

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Abstraction of landscape, together with a move from a detached and objective vision, drives the purposeful move from static panorama and place, to one where man becomes a bearer of the experience. Nature in landscape has a cultural and social construct. My work strives to develop an involution of thinking on known land and place, to allow a more meaningful identity to emerge.

My practice has been described as addressing pertinent questions in relation to the painterly approach to landscape and the effect of the social imposition on the land.

The materiality of paint is used to form a dialogue with increasingly different surfaces and dimensions. The tension between the natural land and man’s intervention is explored by constructing and deconstructing materiality, colour and form. My expressions are rarely representational, yet there are elements abstracted from the land life that surround me. Elements in the work appear familiar. This process knowingly communicates the tension that exists between the documentary source and its reconfiguration; between the context of the original and its dissolution. The discordant nature of ~scape.