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Aaron Ethan Rawcliffe

My practice is a continual development and exploration into painting and our understanding of imagery and culture within a western digital world. Focusing on creating an unmediated visual language and allowing for the materialisation and realisation of motif and myth, I hope to create spaces, stories and images that provoke the reader into the exploration of their internal visual library, as this is how we connect with, experience and understand the world around us. As well as influencing the reader into exploring their visual libraries, I hope to provide an opportunity to have an inside look at fictional, abstract and alternate societies.

The sources and starting points for my paintings are my experiences and the collection of information that we are exposed to, through our western digitised society. TV, film and magazines provide us with endless amalgamations of visual information carefully designed for our consumption; in contrast to the screen we simultaneously experience the natural world as well as our ancestral history and ancient past. Through the collection, extraction and distillation of this imagery, information and experience, I am left with the relevant visual stimuli. This process allows me to focus solely on the useful aspects: particular colour choices, patterns, textures and shapes that have been invested with meaning and are considered significant within our zeitgeist. This collection of visual information is one of the ways my practice is fuelled and informed. Taking the information collected and deconstructing it through a process of balancing the intuitive with the reasoned decision-making, I attempt to create a hieroglyph-like effect: a combination of thoughts, feelings and concepts rendered in paint. It is from this that I hope to persuade the viewer to begin a personal train of thought and a three-way conversation between the viewer, the materials and myself.

In developing my paintings and drawings, the investments of time, thought and spirituality have developed and given importance to the motifs. This investment has encouraged the use of illusion to portray physical form within the abstract paintings, enabling and allowing me to create an alternate reality and culture that entwines with and simultaneously exist alongside our own. Working in three dimensions was a natural step from painting, allowing me to further inform my practice and explore new ground, such as tackling the representation of painting in sculpture as well as the building of thought into reality, creating a weighty materialisation of the non-representational paintings.

My interest in space and the digital has led me to expand my practice further: using technology, I am able to digitise my thoughts and ideas, enabling me to achieve colours that are impossible to render just through the use of paint. This also enables me to experiment with combinations of materials that reflect my conceptual concerns and interests.

My practice will continue to explore the possibilities of painting in the expanded field. Informing and refining the development of my visual language and the materialisation of thoughts, I will continue to work in a variety of spaces to further my understanding of the digital, physical and mental space we occupy in our abstracted western lives.

Playing War
Playing War