Laura Rosser
neo:printprize - £500
GD1 Kanazawa
GD1 Kanazawa
100 cm (h) x 80 cm (w)

A woodcut of the Geisha district in Kanazawa Japan. Couples dine in a small restaurant, their figures only just visible through the slats in the window.

Printed on Bunko Shi, edition of 10.

Susan Ridge
Printmaking Today - Artist's Eye feature
Seizure Epileptic Wallpaper
Seizure Epileptic Wallpaper
digital print
December 2015

The print was created as part of a project about William Morris, the Morris women and Epilepsy. The image includes EEG wires used to observe seizures .

Chloe Lawrence
GreatArt - £500
Roll (display) .3
Roll (display) .3
Lino print, lining paper, installation
56 cm x 200 cm (installation size variable)
September 2015

Extrapolating the use and physicality of print making, the work has been positioned within a mode of mass production of the art making process; becoming a product of a committed and set prolonged period of time, dedicated to the act of repetitive printing. The significance of the operative nature is held within the prints display: rolled up, laid out, installed and suspended; the printed work is treated as a set of objects that have further potential. Excess is an important notion in the work. The act of a repetitive singular action, creating a repetitive pattern, reflects and highlights a monotony of work in general (a reflection of our current working climate), fuelled by todays incessant need to mass produce.

Dominica Harrison
Jackson's Art Supplies - £200
Illusions still_1
Illusions still_1
67 x 38
April 2016

This image is a still from my animated film "Illusions" done in screen-printed medium.

(2 colour screen print on 600mg paper)

Illusions is a film about two characters that meet because of an accident, due to which they find themselves lost, each in their own limbo. To get out, they need to win a simple game with only one rule: the next level is just a step down. The film is inspired by short story "Goats Eyes" by russian author Max Frei.

Ian Chamberlain
Intaglio Printmaker - £200
Transmission IV
Transmission IV
80cm x 70cm

The etching is based on the Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank, Cheshire.
It is part of a body of work influenced by manmade structures.
My primary interest and focus is to represent and interpret the form and function of these objects through the use of etching.The works are devoid of human scale and are placed in isolation form there surroundings.
Im interested in the juxtaposition of using a traditional Print process such as etching to record subject matter that is generally at the cutting edge of technology for the time.

Preeti Sood
John Purcell Paper - £200
The Gathering I
The Gathering I
Engraving on somerset satin 300gsm paper
58.5 x 58.5
September 2015

My practice relates to notions of fragmentation and decomposition, the sense of loss, and issues of cultural identity. The interest in this area includes the idea of the palimpsest; the performativity involved in acts of ripping and effacement; the cross cultural parallels evident in the aesthetic of decayed images in different cities and locations.
I have been particularly interested in the interface between contemporary and traditional approaches to mark making in the area of Print. I use this interface in making my current work. The images engraved in the piece submitted here-The Gathering I, has been collected from both streets of India and the UK.

Frea Buckler
Screenstretch - £100
55 cm x 55 cm
July 2015

Loop is an improvised screenprint. Created using screenprint as a method of drawing. Printed in the moment, teetering in a place between chaos and control. Includes 8 colours, an abstract that refers to unfolded boxes and origami but intends to reflect our processes and behaviours rather than actual objects. Loop is a visual poem about the variety we experience in routine.

Lisa Bulawsky
Hawthorn Printmaker Supplies - £100
A Clearing of Measures
A Clearing of Measures
inkjet prints on Japanese paper from scanned newsprint backing sheets
60 cm x 91 cm each
March 2015

This is a wall installation of gridded prints with variable dimensions, depending on the space available. Each print comes from newsprint backing paper that holds a variety of marks from years of re-use in my printmaking studio. Each newsprint was scanned on a large-format scanner and printed on an archival inkjet printer. The inkjet print of the newsprint is meant to be as faithful to the original newsprint as possible.The submitted image shows a wall that is 5.5 m x 13.5 m (18' x 45'). The benches in the picture were part of the original installation but are not part of this submission.

Rowan Siddons
12 week neo:residency & solo show
Architectural Construction No.1
Architectural Construction No.1
Woodblock Print
59.4 x 84.1 cm
April 2016

"The great myth of our times is that technology is communication". � Libby Larsen (Composer)

I am fascinated by the concept of erasure, and the idea that the use of technology and the expansion of the dense urban environment precipitate a disconnection between how we, as bodily, material humans, communicate within the increasingly digital environment.

Using relief printing I explore dense compact images of the city on a large scale. I create digitalised architectural forms that look to fragment and distort what is recognisable in order to disorientate the viewer, leaving them in a state of ambiguity of image and space.