Lewk Wilmshurst
(installation view)
(installation view)

Dimensions variable
November 2013

These works are a silk print mounted on a clothes rack with jewellery and a potted cactus. They relate to globalisation, resources, revolution, technology and its affect on our perspective, history and cultural values in space time.

Rei Matsushima
Jackson's Art Supplies
Mentaiko (cod roe)
Mentaiko (cod roe)
Digital C-type
133 x 127
May 2014

The images in my photomontages were found almost in the same period but come from very different places, historical times and cultures. I do this because I want to escape and sometimes explore stereotypes and a tendency for cultures to exoticise each other. In addition, the scale of the work is important because I want to people to feel able to participate in the atmosphere of the image.

Dana Ariel
Intaglio Printmaker
Wood print (laser cut)
May 2013

Circle was hand printed from a laser cut. The circle represents a circular walk, the promise to return to a starting point and the attempt to leave marks behind.

Ian Brown
John Purcell Paper
7.16 (Norwood Junction/Cayo Levisa)
7.16 (Norwood Junction/Cayo Levisa)
28 x 77

Left hand Image from moving train in 25 transparent colours
Right hand Image 4 colour separation
Both images taken at 7.16pm

John Angus
Portrait A
Portrait A
screenprint on paper
December 2013

Susan Eyre
Hawthorn Printmaker Supplies
Forest of Eden
Forest of Eden
54 x 74

Combining photo etching with soft ground drawing a contemporary wild man - a 'meme' found on the internet is returned to the ancient forest.

Trevor Abbott
Niagara Falls VII(a)
Niagara Falls VII(a)
Screenprint on paper
Image: 55cmx55cm Paper: 65cmx65cm
May 2014

Edition: 5

Niagara Falls VII(a) is one of 3 prints that refer directly to the beginnings of photography and tourism. In 1840, Hugh Lee Pattinson took 8 Daguerreotype images of Niagara Falls. These are considered to be amongst the first photographic images of what was already a well known tourist destination. No other tourist destination has been more ceaselessly photographed. These prints are Niagara Falls as 'technical' images extracted from the system or program within which all digital images now circulate. Screenprint is the mechanical process by which these images are recovered from the field of possibilities as these images circulate endlessly in an incohate state, always available but never resolved.