Sally-Ann Hayes
The Bigger Picture (detail of painting)
The Bigger Picture (detail of painting)
124 x 100 cm
April 2015

Installation consisting of Model, 6 min film and oil painting. See submission under same title for detail of model)

Link is to video component.

This traditional oil painting of the landscape is of the area where most of the filmmaking was done for the accompanying 6 mins film (posted to you as a file on a dvd). This image also appears in the film as a photgraphic still. The Bigger Picture installation involves the oil painting, the 6 mins film and the model, see previous image upload.

Freya Gabie
neo:residency & solo show
Hole Made By A Meteorite
Hole Made By A Meteorite
Sikhote - Alin Meteorite
1.5 - 0.3 - 0.3 cm
July 2014

Sikhote-Alin Meteorite re-cast into a nail, hammered into the wall

Tina Warren
Water based Oil & Oil on Canvas
110cm x 200cm x 4cm
February 2014

Broadly speaking, 'fml' looks at the human condition and takes a critical view of local sociopolitical issues. The work relies on the symbolic veneration associated with portraiture, and various aspects of 'gaze theory', in order to empower the sitter and, therefore, alter the artwork-audience power dynamics. This is intended to affect a deeper consciousness and render the audience more susceptible to the allegorical narrative.

Nicola Guastamacchia
Here and there
Here and there
Five goldfishes, five fishbowls, one fish tank
150 x 40 x 50
April 2015

'Here and there' is a living sculpture.
It presents identical beings living the same condition and the impossibility of sharing it with a real contact with the others.

This work exemplifies two of the themes I am working on. The theme of mutual adaptation of an individual and its environment and theme of incommunicability between identical subjects in our super-modern contemporaneity.

This research is also linked to another one, which studies the ways the technological and digital media we use everyday have shaped and determined a process of incommunicability (think for example to platforms such as Instagram or Twitter, which shape the format of human messages through hashtags and idiomatic expressions or a fixed amount of characters.

Alison Unsworth
John Purcell Paper
Starling (Edition 1/3)
Starling (Edition 1/3)
archival digital print with hand painted watercolour
59.5 x 42 cm
October 2014

A freshly dug lump of asphalt becomes a readymade plinth for an urban starling. The object and creature are isolated from their context and presented as items for consideration or examination, reminiscent of stuffed exhibits in a museum. The highly detailed drawing has been made using a graphics tablet to draw directly on to a computer. The image has then been printed and watercolour has been added by hand.

Anastasia Mina
Last Year's Fiancee
Last Year's Fiancee
screenprint on paper
150 x 122,5 cm

I work predominantly in the medium of drawing and printmaking. I am using found photographic images, usually small and ephemeral, depicting an action or an event. Most of the images are from Cyprus, the place where I come from, and have strong historical and political references. However, I do not wish to criticize or defend the image of Cyprus. My intention is to question and negotiate the narrative/the story behind the image. By manually re-editing the photographic images (covering, erasing, or obscuring them through labour intensive techniques), I aim to remove the image from the event and re-address/re-frame visual historical and political content.

This particular work is a screenprint of a found image that depicts a British girl sitting at the beach in the early 1950’s when Cyprus was under the British colonial rule. The text applied on the image, "Last year's fiancée", (borrowed by the title of the homonymous novel by Zyranna Zateli), aims in redirecting the meaning of the image and opening up new fields of interpretation. It's an effort to "undo" the image, as a way of questioning and understanding what is pictured. In short, it aims in reclaiming the image and all its ingrained connotations. Overall, the work wishes to critically renegotiate obscured passed events.

Liz K Miller
A Classic On Vinyl: Debussy - Clair de Lune - Part 1
A Classic On Vinyl: Debussy - Clair de Lune - Part 1
Etching & Printed Vinyl Record
69 x 67 x 4 cm
January 2014

The crossover between music and visual art is combined with the aesthetic quality of information graphics in this project investigating repetitive patterns in music. The artist has invented an alternative musical scoring system, mapping it as circular rather than linear graphic score. The music maps can be read and interpreted by musicians, but they also create a new way of visualising music for those who are untrained in the traditional linear scoring system.