Rosie Farrell
Winner artprize2013
Infinite Playback (Remixed)
Infinite Playback (Remixed)
Sound, performance, turntable, speakers, PA system

A record spins, playing out the sound of its own making, inspired by Robert Morris' "Box with the Sound of it's own making". A poet was invited to interpret the sound on the record and to perform a spoken word piece in conjunction with the sound installation.

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Annabelle Shelton
GreatArt Prize: £500 vouchers
Black holes at Weymouth
Black holes at Weymouth
coloured pencil watercolour on aluminium
76cm x 53cm x 4cm

Inverted stars black holes over Weymouth skies. Whilst crazy golf participants concentrate on putting into black holes.

Yoav Ruda
12 months neo:associate membership & solo show
The Dream Machine- still from a video
The Dream Machine- still from a video


A still from my submitted video, 'the dream machine'.

The image was created utilizing 'Projection photography', a unique technique I've developed.

In the 'Projection photography' process I shoot HD video & film, edit it, & project it on textures, surfaces and 3D images. The multilayer effect is created optically, with no digital manipulation.

My videos present several 'Projection Photography' sequences, as well as spoken word texts auto narrated by text to voice software, and still image to animation technology.
In my work I mix still photography, film, video, projection photography, new media, quotes, samples, sound art, documentation, narrative, abstract, spoken word and poetry into a single, unified new art form.

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Victoria Lucas
Laura Peake Commendation
Photographic Print
84 x 119 cm
July 2012

Remedy captures an empty billboard situated on the European Route E94, as one travels between Athens International Airport and the capital city of Greece.

Once clad in brash advertisements, this large sculptural object denote economic austerity in Greece, whilst offering a solution in the face of late capitalism.

Theorist Fredric Jameson said "it is easier to imagine the end of the world than it is capitalism". These billboards lining this main route are like monoliths of a world now gone, frozen in time like the large stone heads on Easter Island. The greyness revealed by the empty billboard is significant due to our collective inability to picture a future beyond capitalism.

Ainara Elgoibar
Paul Stoper Commendation
Variable dimensions
November 2012

Take That Tribute Band in Benidorm is a professional tribute to Take That, which plays twice a night in, six nights a week.''The Flood'' is always the second song of the show. I repeatedly shot their activity and that of their fans in their nightly tours.
Benidorm is a limit place for me. It used to be my family's holiday destination and the English area are was the line I was not allowed to cross.

What I saw there was people that sang along lyrics to a moment when "everything will change"; but a tribute is a phenomena that stands far from difference, and repetition is a movements that sediments a status quo.

Later on, back in Barcelona, I tried to bring to a live situation the video I had edited for that particular tune. I asked a musician to cover in an electric guitar solo the song as the band and its fans sang it in the video, which was projected onto the back wall of his stage.

Both the footage I filmed in Barcelona and Benidorm are shown in this video.

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Sandra Bouguerch
Mike Chavez-Dawson Commendation
Fat Chance
Fat Chance
Artist concept, camcorder, 5 x 90 min blank tapes, judges, invigilators
Potential 7.5 hrs of silent moving image
May 2013

The work: Submitted camcorder, tapes and a request for the curators to elect to record, part record or not to turn on and record the viewing of submissions. For the final installation Sandra seeks the co-operation of the daily invigilator in choosing which tapes they play during the exhibition. Ultimately the work is a continually randomly changing.

A time-based work, incorporating chance human interactions connected to the precariousness of life 'what befalls us'. Concept and process is demanding/attention seeking, based on a set of predetermined conditions and within those constraints a process is set in motion by relinquishing control creating work that has unpredictable results. Emphasizing art as an experience the work will either disappear into nothingness or start to accumulate resonance and attract value.

David  Gledhill
Iain Andrews Commendation
Oil on Canvas
122 x 173
November 2011

'Neujahr 1937/38'. A painting from an image found in a Berlin fleamarket. The title is taken from an inscription on the reverse of the photograph.

Lewis Lines
GreatArt Commendation
graphite, charcoal, paper
52.5 x 42 cm
april 2013

15 hour drawing of Rihanna, using photorealism.

Adrian Pritchard
Visitor's Choice
Gloop Tower One
Gloop Tower One
Mixed Media Scaffolding, 2.5rpm ceiling motor, childs trampoline, shrimp net, PVA Food Dye Sodium Tetraborate and a tube
122cmx122cmx310cm adjustable settings
2009-2012 ongoing

I make work that attempts to redefine our relationship with matter by using gravity and the fundamental processes that universally dictate form.

Gloop Tower one evolves through out the course of its exhibit so it becomes more overlaid in time giving the primary medium of (Viscous Fluids) an arena for performing live.

The Viscous fluid also known as (Gloop) is made from tetraborate salt crystals, PVA and water and yet it behaves more like putty and is not sticky or wet for the most part at all. It has a very low and pleasant odour which is safe and non toxic. The resulting work is something strangely organic yet artificial contextualised within the apparatus or installation space.

This final Installation consists of a gloop filled tube spinning slowly over a net. The gloop eventually continues to fall as strings which dry at different levels and crystallize like stalagmites or stretches and moves like liquid only in slow motion.