Ana Rosa Hopkins
neo:artprize: £1000
Manchester (09/08/2011)
Manchester (09/08/2011)
riot glass installation
variable dimensions
01 August 2011

This installation was made from broken glass collected after the chaotic episode of rioting in Manchester in August 2011. Made from different glass collected from the streets of Manchester to produce 'salad bowls'. Like an alchemist the idea was to create something beautiful and dangerous from the chaos. Like a souvenir it retains the memory of what happened here.

Helen Knowles
GreatArt Prize: £500 vouchers
Four Colour Screen print on Fabriano 1/3
Four Colour Screen print on Fabriano 1/3
Alleingeburt/unassisted birth
101cms x 135cms

large-scale screen-print of screen grab taken from Youtube women's birth videos. They are exposed using a digital projector.

Tiago Duarte
Ken Bromley Prize: £200 vouchers
Black Out White
Black Out White
Oil on paper
70 x 100cm (X7)
03 July 1905


Matthew Spencer
12 months neo:associate membership
House in woods
House in woods
MDF, household paint
150cm(H) x 120cm(W) x 4cm(D)
01 February 2012

Spencer is interested in how our world is represented to us through simulated images in the media and how these in turn form our comprehension of the world around us, basing his pieces on images from the media and internet. His works are cynical of utopian notions surrounding our relationship with the natural world, effectively combining medium, process and aesthetics as message. The MDF, household paint and painstakingly slow hand cutting process that he uses gives the work a raw abandoned aesthetic, creating scenes which depict gritty disenchanted visions of man-made structures and waste in woods and forests.

David Ogle
Special Recommendation
fluorescent fishing line & ultraviolet light
installation (various)

Perceptible within an environment, but without a physical mass of its own, the work questions the experience of an object in space, light as a medium producing a form that rests on the boarder between the material and the immaterial. The indeterminate nature of the work produces an object that seems alien to its environment, a volume of light captured in space or a mathematical line drawing somehow dragged into a physical form