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Created: June 2010  
Size: 131 by 165  
Screen print
The prints that I have produced look to all intents and purposes like official representations of information. Map-like in their appearance and using the visual language of info-graphics they appear to contain information relating to their topography.
In fact, the prints are complete fictions. The shapes have been meticulously extracted from the surface textures of biscuits, exploiting the viewer's innate tendency towards Pareidolia (par e dole e a) (that is the perception of something significant within random or vague stimuli) and their trust and reliance on the honesty of visualisations of information within their day to day lives using the visual language of maps and signifiers that are embedded within the consciousness over a lifetime of interacting with visual representations of information.
They are installed together as though on the wall of a map room or class room along side the recipe for the Anzac biscuits from which they were developed, to hint at their origins.
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