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Created: 05 August 2012  
Size: duration 3.4 mins  
Quick Time Movie
My practice involves the ‘Notion of Self’ and I am both artist and life model who uses tension and awareness to reflect back to the viewer. It was a natural development within my artwork to use myself as the source, creating art to connect with the viewer and highlighting the many sharing commonalities, both physical and psychological that inform the human condition. I have recorded the transference of myself (facial image) onto foil using my own pressure in a controlled and deliberate way, referencing through editing the printing process and its qualities. Projection is within a dark space onto white Fabriano paper hung by magnets, floating in front of the wall. I wanted a slight space between the paper and wall to fit in with the mask layering quality of my video. Also the magnets are placed inwards to allow the paper to fold away from the wall, mirroring the peeling back of prints and also the idea that the mask will be removed. Contemporary take on Munch’s Scream expresses emotion.
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