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IDA, Identity's Alphabet

Created: Aug 2014-Apr 2015  
Size: 23x31 each letter  
I have researched people whose first and last name start with the same letter, in order to visually recreate the alphabet. (i.e. Antonio Azzano = AA, Bianco Bellocchio=BB ... Zoe Zizzola = ZZ). I portrayed each of them in various poses by using a film camera.
Each letter is composed of samples of photographic films: every single shot is like a pixel of an image, a LED of a signboard. The letters have been made through a sort of planned error, through burnt shoots that during the development compose every single character. The same technique has been used for the work Life / File (selected for Aesthetica Art Prize 2014).
The photographs, seen in a postmodernist context, are seen as signs that take on different meanings or values within a wider social and cultural coding system. The intent is to investigate the relationship between the self, its image and its name, in order to give photography its ‘aura’ back through the symbolic value of the alphabet.
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