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Circuit-bent jigsaw #2

Created: February 2015  
Size: 70 x 50 x 4  
Jigsaw pieces
This work is one of six randomised-jigsaw-generation performances executed over a six-week period during February-March 2015.

It is a practical and theoretical journey into glitch-art and the processes involved in circuitbending and databending via the medium of traditional jigsaws.

It investigates two levels of glitch. Firstly, it replicates these digital processes of randomisation in a non-digital medium - something which could be termed "aesthetic glitch art". This is what glitch art would look like if it had been invented by the Victorians.

Secondly, and more importantly, the piece explores the deeper level of "conceptual glitch" - the genuinely accidental occurrence of glitches in the process which can have a visible effect on the image. This, of course, must not be forced, or it could no longer be considered a true glitch.

The jigsaws were generated by the throw of the dice in 5-6 hour long performances. Video of the performance is available to accompany the framed jigsaw.
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