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Created: February 2014  
Size: 28 x 35 cm  
title: “Ten Second of Memory” - (Serie of six pieces)
In our century, everything is consumed very fast; this rapid flow of information creates a kind of syndrome of loss of short term memory. Thanks to the new media we're coming in contact with a lot of visual informations, but just we close our eyes, all this informations very quickly disappear, leaving space to the memory and to some particular details, their elaboration and to a new mixing of images.
This new body of work is based on this type of deficit: these composite portraits have been created through the collage of different faces and thanks to effort of memory. The work shows the heads of six men who appear twisted, isolated and trapped in the tension of a black background that gradually melts as memory itself.
Exactly like the memory that reworks the reality of life and reassembles images in a distorted way, I want to represent dissolved and blurry memories. The purpose is to reflect on the human inability to recognize faces of these people and on the rithm of our life; the public, thanks also to the names on the portraits, can advance the thesis about the identity of the characters, that in the end don't exist.
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