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Displaced Archive #106

Created: June 2014  
Size: 23.7cm x 15.0cm  
Cellulose Thinners print on Found Paper
Negating the idea that documentation of history is concrete and these archives are to be taken as fact, not taking into consideration of manipulated or corrupted facts. This work is part of a series of found book pages that reveal a confused timeline, the apparent old master print found upon the page hides a discrepancy, a piece of modernity entangled within it which would not of existed within the era of the original's conception. We must study the facts carefully before we believe everything we see or hear.

The original prints were found online, digitally manipulated to add a foreign object(such as a jet ski in this case) that blends in with the surrounding image, printed off and then transferred onto the acquired book pages by the means of cellulose thinners printing.
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